Album Review: From Ashes Reborn - Existence Exiled (2018)

Picture Credit: From Ashes Reborn
Artwork: Chris Cold

From Ashes Reborn - Existence Exiled
Release Date: May 01, 2018
Label: selfrelease
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 31:40
Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Melodic Black Metal
Origin: Germany

If you follow this site frequently, you might know that the prefix "Melodic" often triggers some skepticism in me when talking about Metal genres. Yet, I know there are plenty of amazing artists and bands in the Melodic [insert subgenre] Metal sphere and thus, I am trying to give these genres a fighting chance over and over again. And hence, her is "Existence Exiled", the debut album by Germany's From Ashes Reborn.

From Ashes Reborn are without any doubt capable of creating gloomy atmosphere and buldung up tension. In the Black Metal-influenced parts especially, the music sounds like a rapidly approaching thunderstorm that is about to bring the final flood of doom. When the tempest of staccati merges into heavily grooving Death Metal, the atmosphere gets more gory. Here, you can imagine blood splattering from the drums' membranes with every beat.

So far, so good. From Ashes Reborn create a tense, brachial and cold sound that really pleases me. Still, there is that one element that I cannot enjoy: there are way too many barely distorted melodic leads. 'Fight for the Light' even contains a crunchy off-beat lead part. Fans of MeloDeath will probably happily go nuts about this, but I have to skip such parts.
Nevertheless, apart from the overly melodic parts, "Existence Exiled" is a powerful release. From Ashes Reborn provide us with a musical hail storm.

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