Album Review: Christopher James Cunnane - Electric Tiger (2020)

Picture Credit: Christopher James Cunnane
Artwork: Tony Fantastic

Christopher James Cunnane - Electric Tiger
Release Date: June 26, 2020
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 32:45
Genre: Stoner Rock / Heavy Rock
Origin: Toronto, Canada

"Electric Tiger" is the solo debut album by Toronto's Christopher James Cunnane aka Starboy. And actually, this is Cunnane's second appearance on this site as he was featured as a guest musician on Sweetwood Amber Remedy's "Tilt N' Shake".

Now, the cover artwork says Christopher James Cunnane who is the major central figure on "Electric Tiger" since he wrote all songs and plays the guitars, bass, synths, organ, percussion, piano, and also is responsible for majority of the vocals. You can nevertheless consider this album of a "Toronto's Finest" release. Featured artists on Christopher James Cunnane's debut are:
Ky Anto - additional songwriting for 'Takin me back in Time' and 'Makes me wonder', bass, drums,
Ian Blurton - guitar,
Stacey Stray - guitar,
Tim Welch - guitar,
Neil Traynor - guitar, bass,
Laurance Laberge - bass,
Justin Cadis - drums,
Barbi Castelvi Gomes - backing vocals,
Babs Vermeulen - backing vocals.

With such a huge number of musicians comes a great variety in sound and style. Hence, "Electric Tiger" is a collection featuring Heavy Rock, Stoner Rock, Glam Rock, Country Rock, some Punk Rock influence, a lot of Blues and basically rock music. The constant element is Cunanne's stunning voice which by the way reminds me of the great Roky Erickson.
And thus, you can either consider "Electric Tiger" as a Starboy and Friends album or as a Toronto Rock Compilation presented by Christopher James Cunnane. In any case, it is a great display of honest rock music.

Christopher James Cunanne Online:


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