EP Review: Chris Maragoth - A Vile Gathering (2021)

 Chris Maragoth - A Vile Gathering
Release Date: January 24, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 08:30
Genre: Post Rock / Industrial Metal / Modern Metal
Origin: Magdeburg, Germany

Hovering Post Rock atmosphere, mechanic Hardcore breaks, and the massive intensity of Modern Metal. The newest release by Magdeburg’s Chris Maragoth is a beast of instrumental Metal and Deathcore. Together with guest musician Neun, Chris Maragoth presents three new tracks that somewhat resemble a propeller plane’s aimless flight through dark clouds.

The new EP is titled “A Vile Gathering” and its theme is based in the realms of Magic: The Gathering. If you know as much about this card game as I do (which is basically nothing), at least here is what you need to know for understanding the theme of the EP. Each song on “A Vile Gathering” is named after creatures from the Eldrazi race. Just like the soundscapes of the EP, these beings are to be found in the high skies.
Music-wise, the three tracks ‘Reality Smasher’, ‘Oblivion Sower’ and ‘Void Winnower’ are very similar to each other what makes the EP coherent. Yet, there are nuances that show that each of the three Eldrazi creatures are unique. They are represented by a rough mix of Industrial Metal, Modern Metal, Deathcore and Post Rock. I cannot speak for connaisseuses and connaisseurs of the card game, but “A Vile Gathering” is a majestic display of power.


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