Split Review: Krasser-Fahrstil / Ennolicious / pADDELNoHNEkANU - Mit Abstand am Besten (2021)

Artwork: Firlefanz vom BioDöner

Krasser-Fahrstil / Ennolicious / pADDELNoHNEkANU - Mit Abstand am Besten
Release Date: January 15, 2021
Label: 30 Kilo Fieber Records / Elfenart / Krachige Platten
Format: Vinyl / Cassette / Digital
Length: 29:06
Genre: Punk Rock / Deutschpunk
Origin: Durmersheim / Bühl / Baden-Baden, Germany

Punk Rock-wise, the year 2021 starts off with an awesome threesome. The three Southern German bands have joined forces to publish this killer release. And you might guess from the cover artwork that this is a COVID release. Each band has spent one day at the rehearsal room recording their tracks for the record. Th result is half an hour of kick-ass Punk Rock.
The title "Mit Abstand am Besten" is a German pun. Normally, it means "By far the best", but it can also mean "Best with distance". If you spent the COVID times in German speaking regions you might have heard the phrase "Mit Abstand am Besten" frequently.

First band on the Split are Krasser-Fahrstil. They play some raw and dirty Deutschpunk. The four songs by Krasser-Fahrstil immediately invite to drink hektolitres of beer and enjoy yourself in a raging moshpit. Also, they loudly raise their middle fingers at arseholes we have to deal with in our everday life. The music played here will especially please fans of 80s Punk Rock. And the band features a recording from legendary actor and choleric Klaus Kinski - gotta love it.

Ennolicious contribute six songs to the Split. Their style is rather Hardcore Punk than Deutschpunk. Ennolicious shout their messages about police brutality, freedom, anarchy and drug abuse in English. Also, the song 'Bavaria' is a giant "Fuck Off" towards the contemporary German Secretary of the Interior Horst Seehofer - a confused old conservative, right-wing arsehole.
Ennolicious go full throttle on their Hardcore Punk and don't miss to add some melody. Partially, I would call their music Skate Punk, like the song 'Freedom' that reminds of early Millencolin. Altogether very entertaining and straight political Hardcore Punk.

pADDELNoHNEkANU's three songs close the album. Their part is introduced by recordings of conspiracy theorists who think that the pandemic is part of the great exchange or the Jewish World Conspiracy. Music-wise they provide us with some honest DIY Punk Rock. For almost 20 years the band has proven that their style is not easy to categorize. Melodic, raw, krauty. reflected and always on point. pADDELNoHNEkANU are the counterpart to most Punk Rock bands and that makes them Punk as hell if you ask me.

Some final notes:
Some of the songs on this Split have been released on earlier recordings before. But since they were all recorded live during the first lockdown, they are definitely unique.
The six songs by Ennolicious are right in the middle of the LP, three of them on the A-side, and three of them on the B-side.
The vinyl version comes with a beautiful fanzine-like booklet. Gotta love the DIY charm.
Which of the three parts, I like most I cannot tell.

Soomeone's lucky. Here's a Download Code for the Split: ck32r-0b7i
Redeem at http://www.feiyr.com/voucher

Krasser-Fahrstil Online:

Ennolicious Online:



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