Album Review: Blessed by Perversion - Remnants of Existence (2020)

Picture Credit: Blessed by Perversion

Blessed by Perversion - Remnants of Existence
Release Date: December 25, 2020
Label: Iron, Blood and Death
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 24:33
Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Athens, Greece

"Remnants of Existence" is the second long-player by Athens' Old School Death Metal warmachine Blessed by Perversion. Since their recent album "Between Roots and Darkness" (2016), Vasilis Nanos has joined the band as their new drummer. The remaining line-up is still the same, meaning Vaggelis Nanos plays the bass, Manolis Kouelo and Kostas Foutris are on the guitars, and Andreas Moschopoulos is responsible for gore-laden guttural vocals.

The word describing this album the best, is brutal. Yet, "Remnants of Existence" is not a release belonging to the genre "Brutal Death Metal". Instead, Blessed by Perversion play a brachial version of Old School Death Metal. Fans of early Morbid Angel or Deicide will be pleased by these six new tracks. Also, this album grooves like bloody hell. The brutal mid-tempo warfare is decorated with partially melodic grooves and beautiful intermezzi. In the last song 'Within Monumental Chaos' especially, Blessed by Perversion add interesting interplays that make the sound more exciting.

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