Album Review: Mather - This is the Underground (2020)

Picture Credit: Mather

Mather - This is the Underground
Release Date: April 26, 2020
Label: Violence in the Veins
Format: Vinyl / CD / Digital
Length: 47:59
Genre: Psychedelic Prog
Origin: Patras, Greece

Peleponnesian band Mather was formed in the year 2017. Plenty of concerts and less than three years later, their debut was out on vinyl and CD. "This is the Underground" features seven tracks on which the band proves that they can compete with the big names in Psych, Prog and Heavy Rock.

The music on "This is the Underground" is defined by two main features. Firstly, there is that Pink Floyd-like Psychedelic Prog Rock. The atmosphere on Mather's debut smells similar to "A momentary Lapse of "Reason" partially. Considering that the Pink Floyd album features the song learning to fly, and that Mather's cover artwork is a plane wreck, that is kind of ironic.
The other dominant element is intense Heavy Rock that is defned by a strong bass and a certain Space Rock-like psychedelic aftertaste. I would draw a certain comparison to Motorpsycho, especially for the song 'Sympathy for the Gods'.

It is the great versatility of sounds and moods that make this album so exciting. At one point you feel like hovering above the ground or even shooting for the stars, and suddenly the music feels like a plummet. Mather's "This is the Underground" is a fantastic journey from the ground to the stratosphere and back.

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