Album Review: Carniça - Carniça (2017)

Picture Credit: Carniça

Carniça - Carniça
Release Date: September 20, 2017
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 34:02
Genre: Thrash Metal / Heavy Rotten Metal
Origin: Novo Hamburgo, Brazil

One might assume that "Carniça" is the debut album by Novo Hamburgo's Heavy Rotten Metal band - and so did I. Well, that actually is not true. Instead, this is the third longplayer by Carniça who were formed in Southern Brazil almost 30 yeas ago.

Carniça call their music Heavy Rotten Metal. Predominantly, it is a brachial form of Thrash Metal with some influence from gory Death Metal and actually some New Wave of British Heavy Metal, as you can hear in the song 'The Putrid Kingdom'. And there is that obvious impact of the South American Metal scene that makes "Carniça" so dynamic and energetic. They even pay hommage to the Brazilian Thrash Metal legends Sarcófago by covering their song 'Midnight Queen'.

Extreme Metal from South America and especially from Brazil has a very unique sound and Carniça are living proof that you don't need to stop at the Cavalera brothers when looking for amazing Metal from the South. I just want to refer to Requiem's Sathana, Evilcult, or Metralion if you're interested.

Nevertheless, the self-titled album by Carniça is a great release that should please fans of Thrash, Death and Heavy Metal at the same time. Carniça are brachial, confident and precise. And if you want to have your mind blown, wait until you hear that acoustic guitar in 'Revolução Farroupilha'.

Carniça Online:


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