Artist Introduction: Alex Genadinik

 Alex Genadinik is a singer and songwriter who enchants his listeners with soft and soothing sounds. His music is both minimalistic and heart-warming. Genadinik plays atmospheric tunes on his acoustic guitar, a piano and adds his soulful baritone voice to them. Besides cover versions he also translates Russian songs into English and plays his own songs. For this introduction to the soothing music by Alex Genadinik, I want to focus on two of his newest songs especially.

“Oh Michaelangelo” is a soulful love song that was inspired by Michelangelo’s painting “The Creation of Adam”. The music is mainly driven by the warm sound of the piano. With his guitar and his dominant but soft voice creates a gorgeous love song. Further atmosphere is added by some choirs that create a heavenly air. As Genadinik proposes, this song is a great tune to play for a romantic session, like on Valentine’s Day.

“Hannah’s Song” can be regarded as another love song. But this one is not addressed at a significant other. Instead, this lovely folk tune is a declaration of admiration towards children. With this song, Alex Genadnik musicks the loving pride that parents feel for their offspring. Tempo and atmosphere make an excellent lullaby that you can sing while rocking your children so sleep.


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