Album Review: Sweetwood Amber Remedy - Tilt N' Shake (2021)

Picture Credit: Sweetwood Amber Remedy
Artwork: Magen McCallum

Sweetwood Amber Remedy - Tilt N' Shake
Release Date: January 01, 2021 (digital), February 01, 2021 (physical)
Label: selfrelease
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Length: 33:04
Genre: Rock'n'Roll / Heavy Rock
Origin: Toronto, Canada

Here's to a happy new year from Toronto's Sweetwood Amber Remedy. The band from Ontario starts off 2021 with their debut album "Tilt N' Shake" and some honest Rock'n'Roll. And I'm talking real Rock'n'Roll here, with some heavy Blues influence and lots of woo-hoo and hey-hey and oh yeah! The beautiful artwork speaks volumes: like the pinball machine,we're about to experience something that has been around for some time but is still far from being archaic.

The music on "Tilt N' Shake" is a strong tribute to the golden era of Heavy Blues Rock and Rock'n'Roll. Nevertheless, Sweetwood Amber Remedy do not sound like the nth Blues Rock Revival band. Instead, "Tilt N' Shake" is a great example showing that Rock'n'Roll can still be relevant and contemporary. Sweetwood Amber Remedy take the music from the 50s, 60s and 70s and present them with the dynamics of nowadays' Heavy Rock music.

Picture Credit: Sweetwood Amber Remedy
In frame: Cody Vaillant

What emphasizes the topicality of "Tilt N' Shake" are the lyrics. Two good examples are the songs '2020' and 'Top 40 Radio' which offer coeval documents of the times we are living in.

Although "Tilt N' Shake" was a lockdown production, I hope it is not going to be the sole release under the name Sweetwood Amber Remedy. This is some motivating and butt-moving, honest Rock'n'Roll. And with the Heavy Metal-like song 'Cantcha feel it?' the album has a song wtith strong hit potential.

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