MangoSpecial: Violence in the Veins


With this MangoSpecial I want to present the independent label Violence in the Veins from Spain. The label covers a huge range of different genres such as different subgenres of Metal, Hardcore, Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental, Avant-Garde, and much more.

With these four reviews, I am giving a little overview on what the versatile profile of Violence in the Veins has to offer. Enjoy!

1) Atomic Trip - Strike #1 (2017, Doom Metal / Sludge)

2) Mano de Piedra - Today's Ashes (2019, Stoner Metal / Sludge)

3) Electric Belt - Never seen the Devil (2019, Heavy Rock / Blues Rock)

4) Space Deer - The Forest (2020, Stoner Rock / Heavy Rock)

Violence in the Veins Online:


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