Artist Introduction: Dual Analog

Chip Roberts and Kurtis Skinner from Seattle, Washington are Dual Analog. Since 2019, the duo has released four singles that merge electronic and analogue sounds. The style of Dual Analog combines the sounds of the 80s and early 90s with contemporary dance music. More precise, you can hear Synthwave, Darkwave and Prog Metal enveloped in a modern EDM fashion. Therefore, Dual Analog produce electronic tunes with moog synthesizers and decorate them with catchy and rolling bass lines. The footwork is provided by dynamic polyrhythms from the drum machine. And those rhythms are intense! Dual Analog give you the choice whether you prefer eclectically dancing in an EDM manner or if you prefer to bang your head. The latter is due to the Prog and Heavy Metal guitar riffs that stand above the electronic synthie patterns.

The mixture of Wave and Metal is completed by the clean vocals atop this exciting soundscape. Hence, a gloomy dark atmosphere is created that reminds of the early days of Alternative Rock. Chip Roberts and Kurtis Skinner play a sound that combines the music of artists like New Order, Depeche Mode, The Black Crowes and Godsticks. And after all, Dual Analog bring this exciting sound to the dance floors.

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