Album Review: Hairetis Harper - Draft (2020)

Picture Credit: Hairetis Harper

Hairetis Harper - Draft
Release Date: December 07, 2020
Label: Same Difference Music
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Length: 49:38
Genre: Folk Rock / Experimental
Origin: Crete, Greece / London, England

The album "Draft" is a collaboration of London's harpist Maria-Christina Harper and Cretan lute player Yiagos Hairetis. Together those two exceptional musicians are Hairetis Harper. And the word exceptional fits this album very well. "Draft" does willingly break with genres or styles - it just forms a new one. The terms that apply to the seven tracks are Progressive Folk, Avantgarde, Experimental Folk or Psychedelic Ambient.

Listening to "Draft" feels like a romantic journey through a colourful forest, alongside creeks and a glade where wild animals peacefully browse while the sunlight is creating the most beautiful game of colour and reflections. You might as well discover elves or fairies, but that is up to your imagination.

The music on Hairetis Harper's album is defined by the stunning synergy of harp and lute. The soft sounds gorgeously complement to each other and create exciting and moving harmonies. And despite their soft nature, tension can be produced, too. The song 'Bell' with its psychedelic lyrics is a great example how dark the soundscapes cat get.

"Draft" is an amazing experience that invites you to day-dreaming journeys into spaces far away from human society. Since the lyrics are in Greek (or Cretan?), I cannot tell what they contain but the deep, dark and yet warm vocals fit the music perfectly. The album by Hairetis Harper is a beautiful séance for lovers of nature, I would say.

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