EP Review: Mirzadeh - Sauna (2021)

Picure Credit: Mirzadeh

Mirzadeh - Sauna
Release Date: January 05, 2021
Label: Inverse Records
Format: Digital
Length: 24:04
Genre: Dark Metal / Melodic Black Metal
Origin: Alajärvi, Finland

Alajärvi's Mirzadeh are celebrating their 20th anniversary! Sweet Satan, that is a good reason for another release. And hence, the newest product of the Finnish band is here. The five-track EP "Sauna" is an enchanting journey through the frozen environment of Western Finland. Mirox, Fafner, Shagul and Lues take us to barren lands, lakes of ice and the beauty of the aurora polaris.

"Sauna" is a melodic and yet chilly release. The most dominant features are Dark Metal and Melodic Black Metal. Further, the music lives from the harmonic arrangements and the brutal screams and growls. And finally, there is that impact by Northern Folk Metal that influences the atmosphere of the EP - without going Humppa, fortunately!

Fans of Windir, Katamenia, Falkenbach, and maybe even Dissection will enjoy this EP. The memorability of the music is not too big. "Sauna" is not a bad release, but outside of the Viking and Folk sphere it will most likely not take root too well. Nevertheless, a good EP to listen to while clearing the snow or riding a polar wolf.

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