Album Review: Space Deer - The Forest (2020)

Artwork: Tumulus Design

Space Deer - The Forest
Release Date: September 18, 2020
Label: Bandera Records / Gato Encerrado Records / Nooirax / Violence in the Veins
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Length: 45:52
Genre: Stoner Rock / Heavy Rock
Origin: Madrid, Spain

Hello and welcome to another MangoSpecial!
This is Part 3/4 of the special dedicated to Spanish Independent Label Violence in the Veins.

After releasing two EPs "I" (2017), and "II" (2018), Madrid's trio Space Deer stopped counting and named their first album "The Forest". Space Deer play in a classic arrangement with drums (Robert), bass (Carlos) and guitar (Andrés). Also, all three band members sing on this album. But let's take a closer look into "The Forest".

All hail the Fuzz! What the band from Spain's capital is presenting here is heavily loaded Stoner Rock. The music exits the speakers in blurry lines and immediately has a sedating effect. And yet, Space Deer do not lack tempo at all. Their heavy but melodic tunes are presented with rolling beats and a certain tendency towards Punk Rock. The track 'Death arrives in Town' especially has a strong Stoner Punk air.

"The Forest" does a very good job moving the body and mesmerizing the mind. This is Stoner Rock and Heavy Rock for wild nights on the dancefloor or for open air parties. With this release, Space Deer should have manifested themselves as one of the new stars in the sky of fuzzy rock music.


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