Album Review: Sithlord - From out of the Darkness (2019)

Picture Credit: Sithlord

Sithlord - From out of the Darkness
Release Date: October 26, 2019
Label: selfrelease
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 38:05
Genre: Old School Thrash Metal
Origin: Melbourne, Australia

So, when you watch Star Wars films, who do you sympathize with? The rebels and ongoing fight against the Empire? The fluffy Ewoks and Wookies? The annoying gadfly Jar-Jar Binks? The Jedis with their hippie robes? Or do you actually fancy the dark side?

Well apparently, Adrian Willis (guitar), Jamael Rojo (bass), Lee Mountney (drums) and Saundies (guitar and vocals) have made a decision. Otherwise they would not call themselves Sithlord. And song titles like 'Rebel Scum', 'Siths Revenge' or 'The Return to godless Times' emphasize what side the band from Melbourne is on. So let's have a listen at their recent album "From out of the Darkness".

Good news first. You don't have to be into Science Fiction or Star Wars to enjoy this album. The quartet from Melbourne provides us with intense Old School Thrash Metal. Blasting drums and raging riffs attack faster then the speed of light. You can also say, Sithlord assault the listeners' eardrums with the power of 666 death stars. There are some halting interplays which remind of the destructive force of an AT-ATs foot, but they lead into the next tirade of heavy laser fire anyways.

"From out of the Darkness" is a massive feast of raw und high-speed Thrash Metal in the style of the 80s but with the sound quality of contemporary times. This whole album is a massive war machine. My favourite feature are the echoes that emphasize Saundies' vocals. This is gorgeous! Thrash Metal that Darth Maul would approve of.

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