EP Review: Initiate Decay - Awaken the Extinction (2018)

Picture Credit: Initiate Decay

Initiate Decay - Awaken the Extinction
Release Date: April 15, 2018
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 12:21
Genre: Technical Death Metal / Brutal Death Metal
Origin: Esteio, Brazil

In the spheres of Extreme Metal, artists often tend to be either technically versatile or brachial. In some cases one might even think that these elements belong to the same scale, and that therefore variety and brutality negatively correlate to each other. Well, that's not not the case. And Brazil's Initiate Decay are proof that Death Metal can be both technical and brutal.

The 2018 debut EP is defined by various song structures and intelligent changes in metre, tempo and intensity. At the same time, Initiate Decay are spitting venom with high velocity and brachiality. The EP is like a death-bringing warmachine with numerous hidden turrets. You can never tell where the next shot is coming from and where it might hit. But it is most certainly a lethal projectile. This is brtual TecDeath at its best. Fans of bands like Immolation or Pungent Stench will love this release.

Initiate Decay Online:


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