Album Review: Darklore - The Evil of Man (2021)

Picture Credit: Darklore

Darklore - The Evil of Man
Release Date: January 29, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 70:07
Genre: Melodic Black Metal / Folk Metal
Origin: Brisbane, Australia

Fans of fantasy fiction, listen up! Brisbane's Sarklore might have came out with the album you all were longing for. "The Evil of Man" is a folky and melodic journey through some of the most famous places in fantasy narratives. Thus, the band pledges their oath to Saruman in the song 'The White Hand' and concerns the major form of communication among the seven kingdoms in "The Ravens Return".

Fitting the fantasy-themed narratives, the music is very melodic and atmospheric. Darklore play an epic version of Melodic Black Metal with a certain Death Metal input and an omnipresent Nordic Folk theme. You might categorize the music on "The Evil of Man" somewhere between Katamenia, Amon Amarth, Falkenbach, SuidakrA, and Ensiferum. Lyric-wise, the album is closer to Blind Guardian or Summoning.

Picture Credit: Darklore

With "The Evil of Man" Darklore have produced an album that will most likely be very famous on LARP events, pen-and-paper matches, related conventions and meetings. The band has created a very atmospheric album which probably is a good soundtrack to slay some orcs (or humans), but I don't know much about this subculture.

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