Album Review: Hell-Born - Natas Liah (2021)

Picture Credit: Hell-Born

Hell-Born - Natas Liah
Release Date: January 26, 2021
Label: Odium Records
Format: Vinyl / CD / Digital
Length: 47:19
Genre: Black Metal
Origin: Poland

Two weeks ago, Hell-Born had their appearance in the MangoWave News when their single 'Blakk Metal' was released. And here we are now, listening to the first Hell-Born album for over ten years. Let us hence out on our winter coats and prepare for some Old School Black Metal from Poland.

What defines "Natas Liah" predominantly is a brutal combination of orthodox Black Metal and mid-tempo Bay Area Death Metal. Thus, fans of early Darkthrone, Beherit, and Morbid Angel should be able to raise their horns and bang their heads together to this. And fans of Behemoth? Absolutely! I must say that similarities to 90s Behemoth are very present. And that is no big surprise, regarding that Ex-Behemoth members Baal and Les are responsible for the sound together with Diabolizer on the drums. And the fact that Nergal is featured on the album as well only emphasizes the similarity.

"Natas Liah" is an honest, autochthonous and stunning Black Metal release. It is not easy to produce and album that fits the termini "trve" or "grim" without being pathetic. Hell-Born managed is nevertheless. Lovers of orthodox Old School Black Metal with some atmospheric melodic input and the intensity of Death Metal will not regret adding this beauty to their record collection. Also, the blasphemy is strong with this one.

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