Discoveries of the Week: 13 January - 19 January 2021


Gea - Sun fights the Moon
(Darkwave / Alternative Rock from Helsinki, Finland)

StanLei - Wake up
(Folk Pop / Indie Pop from Toulouse, France)

Jaymotts - Sandra's New Car
(Disco Funk from Cambridge, England)

The Wattles - Invisibility
(Indie Folk from Sydney, Australia)

The Amber Bugs -  Rat vs Mole
(Alternative Rock / Jazz Rock from London/Essex, England)

WonderWolf - Run for Cover
(Alternative Rock from Frankfurt on the Main, Germany)

TerraTara - Ain't gonna let them
(Folk Rock from Slocan, Canada)

Penkas - Yonkis del Amor
(Punk Rock from Terrassa, Spain)

Dunkle Strassen - Die blaue Lagune
(Punk Rock from Hamburg, Germany)

Grupa Krovi - Zona
(Slugde / Stoner Metal from Tübingen, Germany)

Viagra Boys - Creatures
(Post Punk from Stockholm, Sweden)

Com Truise - Compress--Fuse
(Synth Wave from Princeton (California), USA)

Lester - Fickersticker
(Emo Punk from Munich, Germany)

The Billows Burn Bright - I don't know the Chord
(Psychedelic Post Rock / Ambient)

Perry Frank - Future is a Ghost
(Ambient / Post Rock from Sardinia, Italy)


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