EP Review: Laguna - Dogma (2020)

Picture Credit: Laguna

Laguna - Dogma
Release Date: March 23, 2020
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 11:00
Genre: Stoner Doom /Alternative Metal
Origin: Barcelona, Spain

Laguna are a band from Barcelona in Catalunya that is far too mich off the grid. No matter if you look at social networks or straming platforms, this band has way too little clicks, follows, this and that. But let's talk about their music.

"Dogma" is the third EP by Laguna. Their first two releases were called "I" and "II". On those EPs the songs actually had names. Now, on "Dogma" the titles are simply called "Dogma I-III". Pretty mysterious.
Laguna have most oviously dedictaed themselves to the darkness. Not only is the cover artwork pretty dark, the music on "Dogma" is as well. Hence, Laguna easily cross boundaries of genre and style and present a vibrant and gloomy combination of Stoner Rock, Doom Metal and Alternative Metal.

The exciting merge of influences makes the music on "Dogma" appear timeless. Sabbath-like Heavy Blues Rock asks Candlemass-style Doom Metal for a romantic dance at the setting of a late-90s Alternative Metal concert - that's how I would describe it.
The main reason why Laguna really need to be heard is their autochthony and uniqueness. Yes, they play Stoner Doom and yes, they play Alternative Metal. But the way they mix these genres and the dynamic movement they display in this super dark theme is just incomparable and beautiful.

Laguna Online:


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