Album Review: Electric Belt - Never seen the Devil (2019)

Artwork by Tomás Fernández

Electric Belt - Never seen the Devil
Release Date: March 18, 2019
Label: Spinda Records / Odio Sonoro / Zona Rock Productions / Violence in the Veins / Fuzz T-Shirts / Discos Macarras
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Length: 34:22
Genre: Heavy Rock / Blues Rock
Origin: Jaén, Spain

Hello and welcome to another MangoSpecial!
This is Part 4/4 of the special dedicated to Spanish Independent Label Violence in the Veins.

Let's end this special with some Heavy Blues. Electric Belt from Jaén in Andalucia seduce our ears with some rough sound that can be located somewhere between the Mississippi Delta, the Summer of Love, and the climax of a mescaline trip in the middle of the desert. Get ready for some beautifully stunning and heavy Blues Rock.

Driving motor of this amazing release is the ginding ambivalence between the lightfootedness of Electric Belt's Blues Rock and the intense raw and occult sounds of their Psychedelic and Heavy Rock impact. "Never seen the Devil" paints colourful images of excessive nights under the burning sun - even if the sun does not shine at night, then at least the pychedelia and the occultism gives us the impression of getting a sunburn at Midnight.

"Never seen the Devil" is best described as trippy. The dark fantasy of werewolves, witches and magic cacti is enveloped in the Country Rock theme of the first song 'Tavern Sinners Lament' and the final track 'Tired and bored'. The middle passage is a psychedelic journey through time, space and consciousness. And once the last song begins, you fell like waking up and wondering whether it was a wild dream or a real happening.

Is it real? It is really amazing, that is certain!

Electric Belt Online:


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