EP Review: On War - End and Means (2021)

Picture Credit: On War

On War - End and Means
Release Date: January 15, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 06:59
Genre: Thrash Metal
Origin: Finland

On War are a Thrash Metal band from Finland. Their band name was inspired by the novel “Vom Kriege” (German: “On War”), same as the lyrics’ themes. So, is it War Metal? I would not say so. The music that On War play is rather defined by a very rough combination of Thrash Metal Power Metal. You might find some traces of Groove and Death Metal as well.

The first release by the Finnish band is the two-track EP “End and Means”. The digital release is quite a good start into the new year. The two songs are defined by a steadily moving rhythm that reminds of the treads of a tank making its way through the tundra. Despite the cold atmosphere on “End and Means”, On War are raging fire. Where this heavy war machine passes by, only rubble and ashes remain.

On War present some very exciting playfulness with mood and melody on their debut. The mechanic and raw surface of the rhythm is decorated with tense and cold harmonies. Here, the band manages to draw a straight line from Thrash and Death Metal to Power Metal. The most unique feature might be the vocals. They are presented in a rustling but yet melodic way and most certainly are outstanding.


  1. I thought On War was from Slovakia. Have I missed something?

    1. you might be right. Actually, I don't find any info rn. Probably, the PR agency tagged them as Finnish... I'll do some further research. Thanks for noticing.


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