Album Review: Da oide Schlog - Mit voia Wucht (2021)

Picture Credit: Da oide Schlog

Da oide Schlog - Mit voia Wucht
Release Date: January 31, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 50:07
Genre: Bavarian Rock / Rock'n'Roll
Origin: Essenbach, Germany

Language-wise, this might be ne of my biggest challenges on this blog since reviewing "Goißa, Mofas, Brodwuschdkeck" by Los Bressackos from the Donau-Ries area in Western Bavaria. Da oide Schlog are from Essenbach near Landshut and thus they speak Lower Bavarian (or: niederboarisch). Textbooks say, that Lower Bavarian is a dialect of the German language. I say that Lower Bavarian is a dialect of the Bavarian language. So much for that. My first language is German and thus, I must confess I do not understand everything Da oide Schlog sing. Nevertheless, the band name can be translated to "Old School" and "Mit voia Wucht" means "With full Force".

Let's start with the music. Da oide Schlog mostly play classic Rock'n'Roll. Their sound is autochthonous, fast forward and very moving. The quartet often changes fro on-beat to off-beat and therefore creates a danceable dynamic movement. In some of the songs, a trumpet adds to the leads. Mixed with the off-beat passages, there is a certain air of polka or ska here. Nevertheless, you can mostly describe Da oide Schlog's music as honest, bluesy Rock'n'Roll.

As mentioned before, the lyrics are all sung in niederboarisch. In their mother tongue Da oide Schlog concern topics of everyday life, like 'Wurstsemmen' ('sausage sandwiches'). In the song 'Alois' the band praises the fight for indepence and liberty, and the Bavarian pride. Don't misunderstand this as a form of national pride. Bavarian pride is mostly defined by declaring oneself as not Prussian German. While fascism was mostly a Prussian phenomenon, the Bavarians tried to establish several councl republics which unfortunately did not last long.
Other songs are a bit more complicated. For example, in 'Grattler' ('Curmudgeon') they present a very problematic lookist image of women, and in 'Glutenfrei' ('gluten free') a rejection of vegan, gluten free or bionomic diet is uttered by praising conservative values. Now, this may be satiric. If so, then blame my misunderstanding on the language barrier. If those contents were meant the way they are uttered, please hold my tofu sandwich while I shake my head.

Summing up, I can mostly enjoy this album. Da oide Schlog play a hard rocking form of Wirthausmusi (music played in traditional Bavarian pubs). Also, "Mit voia Wucht" makes me very thirsty.

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