EP Review: Just Look Around - Freedom Remains (2021)

Picture Credit: Just Look Around

Just Look Around - Freedom Remains
Release Date: September 22, 2020 (digital) / February 02, 2021 (Cassette)
Label: Modern Illusion Records
Format: Cassette / Digital
Length: 13:01
Genre: Hardcore
Origin: Höxter, Germany

The number plates in the German town of Höxter begin with "HX-". Thus, it is very likely that there are a lot of cars having "HX-C" as their tags. And consequently, I can only imagine that Christopher (drums), Timothy (bass), Sebastian (guitar), and Pekka (vocals) drive some of those very cars. These four lads from Höxter have formed the band Just Look Around in 2019, and now their 2020 debut EP "Freedom Remains" has been released on cassette via the new Hardcore label Modern Illusion Records.

The style Just Look Around present on their EP is typical East Coast Hardcore with a a certain punk attitude. Apart from vocal samples, Just Look Around do not beat about the bush and get straight into action instead. "Freedom Remains" is an all-killer-no-filler set of punches straight to the face. And yet, there is variety in tempo as the quartet changes between stomping breaks and moshpit passages.

NYHC-style music has a smack of a tough boys' club for unpolitical or problematic characters. Fortunately, that does not apply for Just Look Around. The band shows solidarity with BLM and spreads the message of power to the people and the pursuit of liberty for everyone. Just Look Around are one of the best examples that Hardcore is spelled P-U-N-K.
"Freedom Remains" is a powerful debut. The tape will cut in fine figur in the cassette deck of your car or at the skate park.

Just Look Around Online:


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