Album Review: Niffiz - Speaking Silence (2021)

Picture Credit: Niffiz

Niffiz - Speaking Silence
Release Date: January 03, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 30:06
Genre: Darkwave / Glitch / Ambient
Origin: Moscow, Russia

Niffiz is the project by Nataliya Yanitskaya. The artist from Russian capital Moscow has studied at Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography where she finished her degree in sound engineering.

Nataliya Yanitskaya combines over ten years of experience in the field of motion pictures and multimedia arts with her passion for contemporary electronic music. Being deeply interested in cross-media arrangements, the artist uses her skills to create the link between the visual and the auditive perception. With her project Niffiz, Nataliya Yanitskaya composes the sounds for images, sequences of film, or moods. The artist says she adores looking at pictures, psychological states or plots and then imagines what they might sound like. The work of Niffiz is hence to compose and music those sounds. 

“Speaking Silence” is the first long player by Moscow’s Niffiz. The album features seven tracks on which Nataliya Yantskaya shows off her skills in building whole landscapes and universes of sound. By the help of top modern software instruments, Niffiz creates deep, atmospheric and thrilling themes. Experimental electronic music erases from Niffiz’ use of various techniques and electronic instruments. Therefore, Nataliya Yanitskaya combines features of futuristic electronic music, cinematic music, and modern cinematic sound design. The result is an album that could not be more diverse, thrilling, and versatile. “Speaking Silence” is the soundtrack to a fantastic, colourful, and touching set of dreams. The journey, Niffiz invites her audience to on “Speaking Silence” is defined by a vast variety in emotions, colours, shades, and themes. And yet, the album is consistent and coherent, as the seven different tracks create a holistic image. The different moods merge into each other and thus, the seven autochthonous tracks become a series of different impressions that create a whole and consistent story. 

The atmosphere on “Speaking Silence” is coined by darkness, mystery, and gloomy images. Nevertheless, the element of curiosity plays a central role here, too. Secrets are to be revealed and mysteries shall be solved as the dark atmosphere on “Speaking Silence” makes the listeners wander through a fantastic dream world. The musical elements used for this thrilling exploration are clearly influenced by spooky cinematic music. Furthermore, Darkwave, Ambient, Glitch, and Industrial can be found in this deep mist of soundscapes. Nataliya Yanitskaya makes use of the darkest and most thrilling features of electronic music and combines them to create the soundtrack of a lucid dream. The listeners can thus close their eyes and wander through the realms of a dark forest where they encounter strange creatures. Niffiz is taking the explorers by their hand and leads them through this place. This fantastic sleepwalking experience is a great fit for fans of artists like Edward Ka-Spel, Brother Grimm, Motion Kapture, and everyone who likes to enhance the limits of their perception.

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