EP Review: Ewigkeit - Depopulate (2021)

Picture Credit: Ewigkeit

Ewigkeit - 23
Release: January 23, 2021
Label: Death to Music
Format: Digital
Length: 20:58
Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Blackened Death Metal
Origin: BrightonEngland

A new release by Brighton's Ewigkeit predominantly means one thing: you press play and wonder "what has James Fogarty come up with this time?". Four months ago, a Prog Doom EP came out and before that, Ewigkeit provided us with Progressive Black Metal. So, what is it we have to expect from Fogarty this time? Well, the cover artwork and the EP's titls "Depopulate" give us the first hints: this release is all about the pandemic and some of its consequences.

Did I say 'Pandemic'? I meant 'Plandemic, of course. Yes indeed, on his new EP Ewigkeit concerns the utterings of those who deny the danger of COVID-19 or those who even say that the whole thing was either not real or that it was part of a bigger plan. In Germany we call those conspiracy theorists "Covidioten" ("covidiots"). Their message reaches from esoterics over anti-vaxx idiocy up to dangerous racism and antisemitism.
"Depopulate" is both, a persiflage on the deniers' utterings and a severe counterstrike against their movement. Hence, if these anti-lockdown protest actions and the idea that Gates, Soros and the reptiloids really planned the pandemic in order to catalyse the great exchange flourish, make a guess who will be the winner in the end? Most certainly, it is the virus and death himself.

And music-wise?
Brighton's one-person-army has added a lot of Death Metal to their sound this time. Also, the tendency towards Black Metal is stronger than on the recent EP "23". I would call this a mix of Blackened Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal and some slide-ins from Prog Metal and Symphonic Metal.
Thus, Fogarty has once more proven his versatile skills and his capability of implementing zeitgeist and persiflage into extreme music. Summing up, I can only say that this EP makes me very happy and that I'm looking forward to the next Ewigkeit release.


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