EP Review: Homemade Ski Mask - redballbluechicago (2021)

Picture Credit: Homemade Ski Mask
Artwork: E. Potter

Homemade Ski Mask - redballbluechicago
Release Date: January 17, 2021
Label: Big Eleanor Records
Format: Digital
Length: 15:49
Genre: Stoner Punk
Origin: Lancaster (Pennsylvania), USA

Here, we have the debut by EP by Pennsylvania's Stoner Punk duo Homemade Ski Mask. The band members Mike Tennant and Danny NoNo were accompanied by B. Roth who added the bass and other noises to the EP. Also, their friends Howzit and Gnar Cyst are featured on the last track 'Backwoods'.

If you wonder whether this is either an aggressive release concerning serious issues or a display of satire and nihilism, the answer is yes. Homemade Ski Mask use a healthy mix of humour and aggression to deal with serious subjects of the times we live in. Does that play out well? It does, indeed. The outcome of this approach is pure positivity.

Homemade Ski Mask provide us with some fuzz-laden Punk Rock with a certain tendency towards Hardcore Punk. The final track 'Backwoods' especially is a hymn for the moshpits. This is some amazing Stoner Punk for the woke people. And as serious as "redballbluechicago" is content-wise, Homemade Ski Mask know how to shake it off.

Homemade Ski Mask Online:


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