Album Review: Chaos Over Cosmos - The Ultimate Multiverse (2020)

Picture Credit: Chaos Over Cosmos
Artwork: Joshua Ratcliff

Chaos Over Cosmos - The Ultimate Multiverse
Release Date: June 20, 2020
Label: Narcoleptica Productions
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 41:48
Genre: Progressive Metal / Melodic Death Metal
Origin: Poland / Australia

Chaos Over Cosmos are a duo from two different spots on our planet that could not be more far away from each other. The band was founded in 2017 by Rafał Bowman from Poland and Joshua Ratcliff from Australia. And actually, the two members have not met in person,yet. But through the power of the world wide web, these two great musicians could join forces.
The release on hand is their newest album "The Ultimate Universe" which actually is the combined version of their first two EPs "Chaos Over Chosmos" and "II". But to make it a bit more interesting, they changed the order of the songs on the new releases which is available via Narcoleptica Productions.

The music by Chaos Over Cosmos is definitely Science Fiction-themed. But do not assume psychedelic Space Rock jams here. The termini that fit best here are Prog Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Alternative Metal and Modern Metal. The driving force on the five tracks ae the super-fast shreds on the guitars. Imagine a barrage of laser guns here.

The drums provide us with fast movement and harsh breaks. Another imposant feature of this album are the vocals that confidently change between whispers, clean voices and brutal growls. Chaos Over Cosmos convince with versatility, confidence and speed. Their music is a journey through a savage universe at the speed of light.

Chaos Over Cosmos Online:


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