Artist Introduction: Sappy and the Moodkillers

Picture Credit: Sappy and the Moodkillers

Sappy and the Moodkillers
Genre: Post Instrumental Space Disco
Origin: Würzburg, Germany

You might have some questions by just reading the header of this article.
Well, I might answer some of them.
Let's begin with Sappy. Neither is it a name, nor does it hav to do with sap. Sappy is a mood. To quote the band "Are you sad or are you happy? Don't be silly, just be sappy". That sohould explain it, doesn't it?

You might also wonder what Post Instrumental Space Disco is. The answer is easy. It is the sound of the future.
A more concise description would be, it is a free mix of Krautrock, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock, some Jazz, and predominantly insanity. A lot of insanity to be precise.
The music by Sappy and the Moodkillers invites you on a dreamy dance through unknown spheres of your own emotions and, of course to deep space.

So far, there are three releases by Sappy and the Moodkillers that can be streamed and downloaded on Bandcamp. There is the single "Despera_DOS", a sad song about the frustrating work with MS DOS, and two live recordings, one from the Immerhin Würzburg, and one from the Festungsflimmern (an annual open air cinema event in Würzburg).

So, what are you waiting for? All releases are name-your-price on Bandcamp. The future is now and Sappy and the Moodkillers play its soundtrack.

Sappy and the Moodkillers Online:


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