Album Review: Mano de Piedra - Today's Ashes (2019)

Cover Artwork by Davidian444

Mano de Piedra - Today's Ashes
Release Date: October 21, 2019
Label: Base Record Production / The Braves Records / La Fosa Nostra / Hecatombe Records / Hombre Montaña / Odio Sonoro / Violence in the Veins
Format: Vinyl / Cassette / Digital
Length: 40:17
Genre: Sludge / Stoner Metal
Origin: Vigo, Spain

Hello and welcome to another MangoSpecial!
This is Part 2/4 of the special dedicated to Spanish Independent Label Violence in the Veins.

"Today's Ashes" is the second long-player by Vigo's quartet Mano de Piedra (Spanish: "Stone Hand"). The band plays an exciting sound that can predominantly be categorized as Sludge and Stoner Metal. But while listening to the second album you will encounter a lot of different influences. There is Post Rock, 70s Psychedelic Rock, Crust Punk, Post Metal, Heavy Rock, Alternative Metal and much more. All this is wrapped up in a dark, eschatological and brutal envelope.

Each riff on this albums weighs at least 666 tons and is painted either with deepest black tar or with fresh blood. Mano de Piedra change tempo and metre frequently and thus create an electric atmosühere waiting for a huge thunderstorm to come. I would describe this album as a tempest combined with hail storms, knifing winds, and raging infernos of flames directly from hell.

The apocalypic secenery on "Today's Ashes" is a play in two acts. The A-Side "The Shadows" is defined by the tense atmosphere of the end that is about to come. The B-Side "The Extinction" sounds like the flames of hell have already arrived on the surface and the apocalyptic riders  are doing their job. And the final track 'Today's Ashes' almost joyfully reports about our world burning down.

Mano de Pedra have created a beauftiful and versatile Doom and Sludge album. Its manifold influences and styles are exciting from the first note until the final curtain.

Mano de Piedra Online:


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