Album Review: Bretus - Magharia (2021)

Picture Credit: Bretus
Artwork: DamianaMerante Art

 Bretus - Magharia
Release Date: May 07, 2021
Label: The Swamp (CD) / Overdrive (Vinyl) / Burning Coffin Recs (Tape)
Format: Vinyl / CD / Cassette / Digital
Length: 42:42
Genre: Horror Doom
Origin: Catanzaro, Italy

Bretus from Catanzaro, Calabria stand for 21 years of doom, occult mysticism, and Lovecraft-like horror. Those ingredients make a perfectly cursed recipe - let us embrace the Horror Doom! Less than two years after the release of their album "Aion Tetra" and the re-issue of their selftitled debut, Bretus  are back with another thrilling soundtrack for the apocalypse. "Magharia",the name probably refers to a medieval Judaeo-Christian sect, also called the people of the caves who regarded Jesus of Nazareth as an angel whose existence was foreseen from the beginning of everything.

Once again, Bretus come up to the name of their genre. The sound of "Magharia" combines elements of traditional Doom Metal with spooky soundscapes and therefore create a deeply scary and eschatologic sonic narrative. Occultism, witchcraft, and the inevitable coming of death fit the soudscape perfectly an thus make "Magharia" a wholesome release that will enchant fans of Saint Vitus, The Vision Bleak, and Blitzkid likewise. Light up, the candles, open a bottle of blood-red wine, and turn up the volume for this cinematic horror sound.

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