Single Review: Sapphire - No Justice, No Peace (2020)

Picture Credit: Sapphire

 Sapphire - No Justice, No Peace
Release Date: July 31, 2020
Length: 03:54
Genre: Soul / R'n'B
Origin: Pennsylvania, USA

This song is an anthem for love, for unity, for peace, and for everyone who opposes hatred, violence, and negativity. Sapphire's "No Justice, No Peace" is a powerful hymn for everyone protesting that black lives matter, everyone who fights for gender equality, and everyone who is supporting a world where love overcomes fear.

On a powerfully rolling Blues beat, Pennsylania's Soul and R'n'B artist Sapphire spreads the word for a future worth fighting for. With her impressive and stron voice, the artist sings, speaks, raps, and immediately catches her audience's full attention. From gospel to rap, Sapphire perfectly uses her voice on the heavy beat.
This stunning song is a loud and clear message for human beings to take each other by their hands, and to build a strong wall of love, respect, and support for each other. "No Justice, No Peace" is a call for action to not give in against those who oppress or hurt other people. Love and peace shall overcome, and Sapphire has the soundtrack or that movement.

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