EP Review: LDRDO - Lost in the Fire (2021)

Picture Credit: LDRDO

 LDRDO - Lost in the Fire
Release Date: April 05, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 12:02
Genre: Electro Funk
Origin: Tel Aviv, Israel

"Lost in the Fire"is the debut EP by Tel Aviv's songwriter and producer David Levi, also known as LDRDO (pronounced: Eldorado). The five-track release provides us with a very unique combination of musical spheres, eras, and styles. LDRDO hence merges times and spaces in a sonic hot pot. The result is a tidbit for ears and synapses.
The theme of "Lost in the Fire" concerns situations in which sensual beings are stuck or sheer overwhelmed and thus do not know how to go on. Yet, they do go on and they find their way out of stalemate. Even with their eyes blinded, sensual beings can explore the unknown and rediscover their own sanity.

The music, LDRDO presents on the EP is a colourful and versatile mix of styles. Mostly electronic and partially by the help of guitars and riq, universal and timeless soundscapes are being created. The psychedelic sound of "Lost in the Fire" merges R'n'B, Funk, and Soul. The synthetic soundscapes furthermore let North American Country or Western tunes float into their electronic Mississippi Delta, and finally decorate the music with atmospheric sounds of Mid-Eastern or North African origin.
The soundscapes on LDRDO's debut EP are as various as the music scene of the artist's home town. Although I often hesitate to use that term, but LDRDO's Electro Funk can also be regarded as modern World Music.

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