News: Spence Paull - Do You Listen To girl in red (2021)

Picture Credit: Spence Paull

 Spence Paull - Do You Listen To girl in red
Release Date: March 12, 2021
Length: 02:58
Genre: Indie Funk / Indie Pop
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Spence Paull's new single describe the following situation: a person walks down the street minding their own business when suddenly another person of ineffable beauty catches their eye. Their heart skips a beat, stunned by the other person's radiance. What to do? Look away? Smile? Talk? And if, then what? In Spence Paull's story, the protagonist wants to ask the other person whether they share their love for Norwegian artist Marie Ulven.

Spence Paull's "Do You Listen To girl in red" is a dynamic and boppy song, perfect for boisterous dance moves. Funk, Jazz, and Indie Pop merge to a wholesome and colourful energy. Spence Paull's sound contains some influence from early 90s Pop music but without the plastic drums. Instead, "Do You Listen To girl in red" is defined by sonorous sounds.

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